How to keep rhinestones from falling off nails 2020

nail rhistone 2020

Gel-polish with rhinestones: how to keep the material from falling off

Some masters prefer various tricks, such as, for example, the use of super glue, or construction glue to fix the rhinestones at the final stage of manicure with gel-polish. However, these methods are not reliable in such attributes as durability and aesthetics of the technology. That’s why; we recommend using the following simple algorithm of actions which provides the most reliable and clearest answer to the question of how to keep rhinestones from falling off nails.

  1. Apply the second (or the third, if necessary) layer of gel-polish of the selected color, and dry the nails under UV-(2 min) or LED (30s) lamp. All the previous procedures are completed according to the usual technology.
  2. Apply the concentrated, but not thick layer of top for gel varnish, avoiding spreading of the material to the rollers and cuticle. Then, using a special magnetic tool for rhinestones, or the usual cosmetic pencil, apply the rhinestones in the previously intended order.
  3. Dry the layer under the lamp.
  4. Using a thin brush apply another layer of the top between the rhinestones, without covering them completely, but pushing their edges only.
  5. Dry the layer under UV-(2 min) or LED (30s) lamp.
  6. Repeat the procedures # 4-5 if it is necessary.
  7. Remove the sticky layer from the top.
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