3D nail art video step-by-step tutorial: Volumetric Roses with Plasticine Modeling Gel 2020


    1. Plasticine Modeling Gel GDCOCO #10 (white) and #24 (light green)
    2. Big and not bright cone rhinestones
    3. Special tool for 3D Plasticine Modeling Gel
    4. Synthetic Brush #2 with a little tip
    5. Template paper
    6. Wet wipe or napkin modeling-gel-nails-tutorial-step-by-step-2020




    modeling-gel-nails-tutorial-step-by-step-2020 modeling-gel-nails-tutorial-step-by-step-2020modeling-gel-nails-tutorial-step-by-step-2020

    3D-Rose Plasticine Modeling Gel nails tutorial step by step: modeling-gel-nails-tutorial-step-by-step-2020

    1) Cover the nail with AKEMI Gel-Polish #218, then add some finish layer to prevent the gel from stickiness.
    modeling-gel-nails-tutorial-step-by-step-2020 modeling-gel-nails-tutorial-step-by-step-2020

    2)Take a little ball of Plasticine Modeling Gel, put it on the nail plate and press it lightly with a finger.
    modeling-gel-nails-tutorial-step-by-step-2020 modeling-gel-nails-tutorial-step-by-step-2020

    3) Choose the rhinestone of the color you like, press it on a Plasticine Gel plate, and dry with UV lamp.
    modeling-gel-nails-tutorial-step-by-step-2020 modeling-gel-nails-tutorial-step-by-step-20204) Take the big ball of Plasticine Modeling Gel, roll it into a tube, and cut it on some little pieces.
    modeling-gel-nails-tutorial-step-by-step-20205) Soak the brush in the water periodically so that the Plasticine Modeling Gel does not stick to it.


    6) Put a Plasticine Gel ball on template paper and press it to get petal form.

    7) Separate the petal from paper with the help of brush and press it to the rhinestone.
    Repeat this procedure for some petals more, and then dry the ready art design with UV lamp.
    9) When all white petals are dry, take light green Plasticine Modeling Gel, and make some petals by the same way.

    10) Draw the picture with white gel, and dry the ready 3D-Rose nail art design with UV lamp.

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